CompTIA Security+ Certification Course (SY0-601)



Looking for a Security+ certification? The CompTIA Security+ certification course is designed to teach students security basics and prepare them for testing to become CompTIA Security+ certified. The CompTIA Security+ covers many vendor neutral topics including different types of threats and attacks, networking technologies and tools, secure design and architecture, identity and access management, risk assessment and management, and finishes up with Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure. This covered everything from the ever-expanding virtualization of various computing systems to industry management of smart devices. These topics will be covered from a ground-up perspective so that even inexperienced students will be able to follow along. IT security is an ever-growing field and its importance is recognized universally throughout the industry. This continues to make getting a security certification more important than ever.

This CompTIA Security+ course will cover security concerns from both a professional setting and on a personal level. This gives students who do not plan to apply their certificate in the immediate future the benefit of keeping up to date on the latest security practices and techniques that they can follow to keep themselves secure in a digital world. Each of the modules of this course is designed to align with the official objectives of this certification and expand past the scope of the certification to allow for real-life application. They give the student some real-life examples of various attacks or security practices that they can both apply in real life or use to further their understanding of a course objective.

For complete details on this certification, visit the CompTIA website.

Module 1 – Introduction to Security

Module 2 – Malware and Social Engineering Attacks

Module 3 – Basic Cryptography

Module 4 – Advanced Cryptography and PKI

Module 5 – Networking and Server Attacks

Module 6 – Network Security Devices, Designs and Technology

Module 7 – Administering a Secure Network

Module 8 – Wireless Network Security

Module 9 – Client and Application Security

Module 10 – Mobile and Embedded Device Security

Module 11 – Authentication and Account Management

Module 12 – Access Management

Module 13 – Vulnerability Assessment and Data Security

Module 14 – Business Continuity

Module 15 – Risk Mitigation

Module 16 – Security Plus Summary and Review

Module 17 – Hands-On Training

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20 Hours 49 Minutes


81 Course Videos


250 Test Questions

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