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Job description
DealConnect is a new team formed within KPMG’s Consulting business in 2020 with two clear objectives:

  1. To bring incremental business into KPMG’s Consulting business by working closer with the KPMG Deal Advisory team and their clients to sell and deliver value-creating consulting work both pre and post-Deal

  1. To help Deal Advisory, Tax and KPMG Law win more business by Consulting remaining close to clients throughout the deal cycle, not just “in-deal”.

Our target market is KPMG Private Enterprise (or KPE) clients who are, have recently been, or may soon be involved in a Deals-type event (e.g. a full or partial sale, IPO or fundraising) and who require advisory help to make the most of their deal event. These clients include Family Businesses, AIM-listed, PE funds and their portfolio businesses; and wider privately owned businesses.

DealConnect is a priority growth driver for both Deal Advisory and Consulting, recognised as such at KPMG’s Executive level.

DealConnect – the growth plan and the role
KPMG has a longstanding and leading position in the deals market, supporting many businesses and investors. The last 18-24 months has shown significant growth in the number of deals, and the values and multiples attached to these transactions. For investors to justify increased deal values they need to do more with the assets they have acquired and create increased value in them.
KPMG’s Consulting business works with many clients to create value in deals-related businesses through its many consulting capabilities. DealConnect brings together these consulting capabilities into one go-to-market business focused specifically on the Deals market. DealConnect works with ambitious owners to challenge their value-creation thinking and bringing them the necessary consulting capabilities, solutions and expertise to help them to realise their ambitions. Primarily focused on the mid-market, we work with a huge range of businesses and across sectors, as well as with differing ownership structures (Private ownership, PE investments, family businesses and public businesses).
DealConnect is expanding to deliver against this expanding market and significant increase in demand. New client facing roles have been identified including 4 new Senior Manager roles.

The Senior Manager roles will support the Partners and Directors in sales, as well as running independently their own sales opportunities. This will mean having a broad understanding of the deals market and the solutions that KPMG provides pre and post deal.
The candidates will:

  • Represent all of KPMG Consulting to join, interpret and triage early stage and thematic conversations about client issues. This will be pre, during and post deal. This role is key to ensure that conversations happen at the right time for our clients, and early in the deal process. We are doing this by increasing education and processes internally, so Deal Advisory colleagues are better able to make referrals earlier, and to ensure that relevant propositions are targeted to help clients.
  • Efficiently translate client issues into broad Consulting opportunities that transform and create value for our clients.
  • Be dedicated to working closely alongside our Go-To Market channels and Deal Advisory team. You will provide the skills and capacity needed to consistently focus, respond and successfully deliver on our Go-To Market approach.
  • Organise deal ‘triage’ sessions which explore a client’s post deal strategy before deals close. to open-up post-deal opportunities.
  • Work with colleagues from various consulting capabilities to develop a small set of key propositions that are highly relevant to Private Equity Portfolio Companies and their investors – including areas such as ESG, Technology, Cyber, Deal Strategy, Data Analytics and Finance function optimisation.
  • Will be Consulting’s ‘eyes and ears’ for what is happening in the Deals & KPE marketplace including feedback on how our propositions are landing.

These are sales-led roles to bring the very best of KPMG to win opportunities to help our clients. We need outstanding Senior Managers to spot the right opportunities, ensuring the right team members are aligned; handing over to others when necessary and ensuring successful execution to build momentum and win work.

Success will be in reaching sales and delivery targets but will also be measured in less tangible ways such as feedback from Deal Advisory and other communities, number of high-value client conversations, and the range of consulting propositions brought to clients.
This role will focus on Integration & Separation,

    • This role has a strategic focus linking with KPMG’s Integration & Separation team, who advise clients on transactions involving carve-outs of businesses from larger corporates or businesses that are merging together.
    • This will be a national role.

Success in the Senior Manager role will require:

  • Supporting the DealConnect leadership in developing strong relationships to allow us access to opportunities with our internal Deals-related channels – Partners and Directors.
  • Fully understanding our markets and identifying where to play and identify the right products and propositions to take to market.
  • Working with both our sales teams and with the Consulting teams to make sure the right propositions are coming to the DealConnect clients.
  • Overseeing delivery across all DealConnect projects with regards to seeking additional opportunities, linking with the PE Funds (via the Private Equity Group team) around success, ensuring the quality of the outcome.
  • Setting up and running all the processes and management structures that will support Go-To-Market activities.
  • Overseeing the performance management information for the DealConnect team (leveraging other team members support).
  • Helping manage other team members.
  • Contributing to the strategic vision and execution of the DealConnect Delivery plan.

Key Requirements of this individual will be:

  • Authenticity and Authority: The ability to engage with a broad range of clients from PE Partners to founder-CEOs and execs of KPE businesses, and have genuine, business-led conversations outside of your own particular areas of technical expertise. Should have demonstrable success in building trusted advisor relationships. All done within a deal environment and at ‘Deal Speed’.
  • General business acumen . They need to be able to understand the business problems that a person/business is having and be able to have broad conversation about why, how, and what can be done to help them.
  • Deals Exposure: Understanding of how Deal Advisory works including what creates equity value in a business from our target market.
  • Sales experience and determination: Examples of successful individual sales. Ideas for how to open new opportunities. Be able to repeat sell, grow a client and be tenacious in chasing opportunities.
  • Network: Ability to build, maintain and manage a strong internal network of senior stakeholder. This network must be used to help go to market, and be brought into client pitches, and links to relevant services. Seek to eliminate hierarchy and foster greater intimacy through relationships they grow.
  • Delivery expertise: Experience in delivering value creation or value protection projects.
  • Facilitator: Should have strong facilitation skills in a virtual and real-world environment
  • Growth mindset: be open minded, comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, take ownership, grow with people and seek to eliminate mediocrity and complacency.

Additional skills that would be appreciated in a candidate include some/all the below:

  • Specific industry expertise in one or more industries that is relevant to Value Creation, Business Improvement or Transformation (Risk or Management Consulting).
  • Understanding of how to use varying consulting methods and approaches within different client environments.
  • New Product design development / Prototyping of new products in a service business.

DealConnect is a close-knit team. Newly formed in 2020, we have an informal and non-hierarchical way of working. We are looking for a candidate who is happy to step away from some of the traditional strict structures sometimes found in “big consulting” firms and look to invest in a different way of personal and career development in what has been described by one Partner as a ‘Start Up within KPMG’. We have achieved huge success in our first year and we are being invested in to continue this growth. Together we will develop and grow as a team and we can all be successful.

Our culture in DealConnect is supportive, challenging, diverse, inclusive, and fun.

We have our own values, in addition to those of the wider firm:

  • Everyone’s a Client – we will treat our stakeholders and colleagues in Deal Advisory like clients, so they see Consulting as highly credible, reliable, and enjoyable to work with.
  • The Team is greater than its individuals – We prioritise the offerings of KPMG’s overall consulting capability (not our own personal capabilities) and we are non-hierarchical in the value we bring to the team.
  • In it for the Long term – we focus on building long term business value in DealConnect at the expense of pursing one-off opportunities or outside of DealConnect’s two objectives.

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