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What is Raytheon’s Strategic Research Group (SRG)?

Part of Raytheon UK’s Cyber and Intelligence (C&I) business, the Strategic Research Group (SRG) is a multi-disciplinary expert team focused on next-gen research in artificial intelligence, security research and cloud technology.

SRG is not yet another software team building enterprise solutions. The group operate at the cutting edge of technology and research, applying world class research to customer-relevant challenges in order to create unique prototypes, genuine expertise and valuable hands-on skills.

Established in Jan 2019, SRG was created to focus Raytheon’s efforts on next-generation technologies critical to create the future capabilities our customers demand. In the short time since the group was established, greats success – both technically and commercially – has been achieved.

As a result of these successes, SRG is seeking to grow, allowing the group to tackle more challenges and deliver further successes.

What makes SRG different?

SRG is an expert group, made of a team of people with broad skills, expertise and experience. The team includes post-doctorate researchers, experienced data scientists and engineers with customer knowledge, security research and machine learning expertise.

SRG’s culture sets it apart from many other teams. It is vital to how the group operates and to its success.

SRG values creating and sharing tangible results over creating overly detailed plans and excessive PowerPoint presentations. The team deliver a mix of internally funded research and customer funded projects.

SRG work on a ‘cloud first’ basis – AWS, Atlassian, GitHub, Zulip are the main productivity tools.

SRG is collaborative, supportive and independent. Above all, every member of the group strives to delight and impress our stakeholders, taking great pride in their work.

Principal Decision Scientist

Essential Behaviours & Attitude

Hands-on experience designing, creating, building and operating complex software systems.
Strong experience with modern software engineering approaches and best practices.

Effective Communicator.

  • Able to tailor written and verbal communication to a wide range of audiences including technical authors, customers, conferences and public events.
  • Successful examples of conference speaking, customer engagement and managerial presentations.

Technical Leadership

  • Active participation in technical leadership within high performing technical teams.
  • Ability to plan ahead and influence stakeholders from senior exec level to technical patterns and colleagues.

Supporting and Collaborative

  • Evidence of acting as a role model for positive culture, technical approach and positive mindset.
  • Must be able to demonstrate clear examples of providing support to team members and colleagues

Inquisitive self-starter.

  • Work with autonomy, able to build trusted relationships and rapidly establish a reputation for enthusiasm, delivery and reliability.

Resilient and driven.

  • Must be able to stay goal focused, regardless of blockers, obstacles or wider issues both in personal work and within the wider team.

Willingness to learn and work across boundaries.

  • Ability to work in new disciplines as a non-expert within expert teams is essential.
  • Willingness and energy to learn new topics, new concepts and new skills in order to facilitate collaboration and solve problems.

Core Technical Skills
We expect:

  • Strong technical and research foundation, either academic or professional track record in technology, research and early-stage development.
  • Excellent knowledge of core machine learning models, algorithms and techniques.
  • Excellent skills with standard data science tools including Python, scikitlearn, Jupyter, Apache Spark and the wider Hadoop eco-system

Your professional achievements must demonstrate:

  • Track record rapidly creating early-stage prototypes under uncertainty
  • Proven ability to create software artefacts using modern software engineering best practices where appropriate

Broader Experience

SRG welcomes individuals with a broad range of experiences, diverse careers and technical qualifications. Such diversity of thought is an asset, and as such, broad career experience is valuable:

  • Creation of capability plans, technical road maps or strategy artefacts in support of business/organisational goals
  • Experience in people management
  • Specialist knowledge in automated reasoning, computer vision, natural language understanding, predictive analytics, behavioural analytics or any other applied machine learning domain
  • Broad experience working in the Defence and National Security domain, in particular direct experience working with UK Government customers. Ideally experience of policy, strategy, capability and operational roles across the Defence and Security domain
  • Evidence of proactive self-development and self-directed learning in particular Kaggle participation
  • Professional certification in AWS Machine Learning or Solutions Architecture, Cloudera Data Scientist or other technologies.

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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