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Global gap of nearly 3 million cybersecurity positions

In a recent study, (ISC)2 — the world’s largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity pros — said there is now a gap of almost 3 million cybersecurity jobs globally — substantially more than other experts said might be the case years into the future.

Companies are trying to cope in part by relying more aggressively on artificial intelligence and machine learning, but this is still at a relatively nascent stage and can never do more than mitigate the problem. Big companies have their hands full, and it’s even worse for smaller enterprises. They’re attacked more — sometimes as a conduit to their larger business partners — because their defenses are weaker.

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How It Works?

We will provide consultation on your current state and career vision of the ideal job. We will then match you with the correct training courses and support you along the way to certification. 

Finally, we will help update your CV and offer pre-interview consultations to help you land the perfect cyber job.


Once you have completed the Cyber Training Academy you will be prepared to get certified in any of the preferred certifications. 

All courses are delivered on a professional LMS system with 100+ hours of videos, mock exams and everything you need to progress.


Mentoring and support provided to set your career path, review CV and discuss your career options. Visit our live job board for examples of positions available right now.

Global IT Security skills shortage have surpassed 3 Million according to ISC2




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"I had access to CompTIA, studied over a 1 year period. I am now super confident in any interview and have landed a great job as a Cyber Analyst "
Anna Bello



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will decided together on the best courses to take, for example CompTIA Sec + and IT Fundamentals. Professional recognised courses that employers will accept.

We are industry professionals that have held cyber jobs across all domains from threat intelligence to IT Governance, Audit and Ethical Hacking. We know what employers are looking for and we can help.

There are 3 x 60 min consultations included plus 2 x pre-interview calls and a CV review. We can provide email support throughout the year, typically replying within 4 hrs.

Anyone claiming to guarantee a job is not being totally upfront in our opinion. However, if you follow our advice you will almost certainly land that job, it’s totally dependent on the work you put in. We do guarantee we have the experience to help you all the way.

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